Vulnerability Assessment
Design and Implementation
Ongoing Security and Performance Monitoring
Vulnerability Assessment
Business Benefits:
Affordable one-time cost 
Objective, independent perspective on your organization's security exposure, for communication to internal, external stakeholders
Reduced risk of legal liability from security breaches or illegal use of corporate systems
Maintained trust from customers, suppliers, partners in confidentiality of sensitive information and availability of business-critical applications
Avoidance of lost productivity, revenue loss from downtime of business-critical applications or compromised corporate data
IT Benefits:
Data gathering is largely automated, and non-intrusive, with limited disruption to operations
Results are easy to interpret in a management-friendly "scorecard" format, with clear, actionable, well-researched recommendations  
Employs a combination of active and passive scanning techniques for the most comprehensive identification of multiple types of security vulnerabilities
Assesses vulnerabilities in people as well as technology using sophisticated password-cracking techniques
Best Suited For:
Companies needing an initial benchmark of their vulnerability to technology and personnel-based "social engineering" attacks
Organizations looking to complement or refresh a prior security audit
Corporate security managers wanting to validate adherence to security policies and procedures
Technologies Employed:
Availability and Security Monitoring (ASM) Appliance
Port and Vulnerability Scanning
Network Traffic Capture and Profiling
Network Loss/Latency and Device Utilization/Performance Testing
Windows Domain Password Cracking
Executive Summaries
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