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Ongoing Security and Performance Monitoring
Ongoing Security and Performance Monitoring
NetPersist's ongoing security and performance monitoring services involve connecting a hardened monitoring appliance to your network, which continuously monitors your computers and network devices for security and performance vulnerabilities, and provides easy-to-understand answers to everyday security, performance, and Internet usage questions.

We are responsible for performing ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system, and you access our reports on-demand via a secure web-based interface.

The information we provide is designed specifically to make it easy for you to identify security and performance vulnerabilities before they become outages or security breaches, but it is also invaluable for rapidly pinpointing the problem if a security incident or outage does occur.
Business Benefits:
Bandwidth cost savings - less wasted bandwidth can enable reductions in bandwidth overage penalties or burstable bandwidth limits, and lower monthly telecom costs
Improved employee productivity through reduction in Internet mis-use and downtime from outages or security incidents
Avoidance of revenue loss, legal fees or fines from downtime of business-critical applications, compromised corporate data, or non-compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements
Superior cost-effectiveness compared to purchasing, implementing, and maintaining separate commercial products in-house
IT Benefits:
Unprecedented visibility into what is happening on your network, and what devices or links are vulnerable to compromise or are under-performing/over-utilized
Ability to rapidly detect and respond to performance degradation or virus/worm outbreaks if an incident does occur, and monitor your network provider's Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance
Secure, non-intrusive operation; service can usually be up and running in 4 hours or less
Ability to monitor a wide variety of platforms including Microsoft, Linux, and Unix-based computers and almost any network device, in both in-house and outsourced environments
Best Suited For:
Companies with limited or over-burdened I.T. resources looking for an affordable, non-intrusive way to facilitate troubleshooting and move towards a regular program of proactive maintenance
Companies with dedicated I.T. security resources who need a centralized, flexible, and best-of-breed tool for collecting and reporting security and performance information 
Corporate security managers wanting to validate adherence to security policies and procedures on an ongoing basis, rather than rely on periodic security audits which become out-of-date quickly
Merchants required to provide proof of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to their merchant bank / acquirer
Available Services:
Periodic External Perimeter Assessment involving an external, in-depth 'hackers-eye view' scan of public IP addresses and a detailed review of perimeter device configuration and perimeter architecture relative to best-practices
Periodic Password Assessment of Windows domain passwords using multiple commoly-used and freely-available password cracking techniques, providing a detailed report of which accounts were cracked and how, with specific, user-friendly recommendations on how to maximimze your employees' resistance to password attacks
Periodic Executive Summaries including key cyber-security Performance Indicators, summaries of Mitigated/Oustanding/New cyber-security issues, and a Prioritized Remediation Plan based on all Assessment activities performed, presented in non-technical language
Periodic Port/Vulnerability scanning for missing patches, weak/default passwords, security misconfigurations on servers and workstations (considered a best-practice, and required for compliance with PCI-DSS, SOX, etc.)
Real-time and Historical Network Usage Profiling
High Risk Traffic Pattern Detection / Alerting
Internet / VPN / WAN Link Performance Monitoring
Device / Server Performance Monitoring
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