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The daily dependence on the Internet as a medium for communicating with customers, suppliers, employees and partners has forced most corporations to embrace the Internet as a core business technology.

NetPersist Solutions Group has identified a number of challenges and risks associated with this paradigm shift in corporate networking that are faced by today's CIO's and IT managers:
An organization's information security posture changes constantly as hardware, software, and staff vary over time. Performing regular evaluations of a company's perimeter, network, computing, and end-user defenses is crucial, in order to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by an intelligent hacker, virus, or worm.
Firewalls and anti-virus programs are not enough to stop a determined hacker. These protection measures can stop a casual or curious intruder from snooping. However, they are often not sufficient to detect and thwart the latest hacking tools, worms and viruses. They also cannot prevent a skilled con-artist from bypassing security technology altogether by tricking employees into launching malicious programs or "loaning" building security access cards.
The effort and cost to proactively monitor I.T. infrastructure for security or performance vulnerabilities is too significant for most businesses to handle in-house.  For most companies, security and performance monitoring is not a core competency, and commercial tools are difficult and costly to purchase, install and maintain.  This makes it easy for security or performance vulnerabilities to "fall through the cracks" and go un-addressed until an outage or security breach occurs.
Bottom-line: I.T. managers need visibility into how their networks and systems are being used, and where the security and performance weaknesses are.  NetPersist Solutions Group offers a set of service solutions tailored specifically at solving these urgent business problems. Find out more…
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