netpersist solutions group
Vulnerability Assessment
Design and Implementation
Ongoing Security and Performance Monitoring
NetPersist's suite of service solutions is tailored to address the most urgent infrastructure availability and security issues facing today's IT managers. These solutions and the technologies that comprise them are listed below:
One-time or Periodic Vulnerability Assessment
External Perimeter Assessment
Internal Host Assessment
Windows Domain Password Assessment
Network Traffic Profiling and Assessment
Safeguard Design, System Selection, Implementation
Requirements Development
Solution Architecture, Design
Vendor Evaluation / Competitive Bidding Process Management
Implementation, Project Management
Documentation, Training
Ongoing Security, Performance Monitoring
Periodic External Perimeter Assessments
Periodic Windows Domain Password Assessments
Periodic Executive Summaries
Periodic Port, Vulnerability Scanning of Servers and Workstations
Real-time, Historical Network Traffic Profiling, Alerting on high-risk traffic patterns
Continuous Internet, VPN Link Performance Monitoring
Continuous Device, Server Performance Monitoring


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