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Vulnerability Assessment
Design and Implementation
Ongoing Security and Performance Monitoring
Availability and Security Monitoring Appliances
NetPersist's ongoing security and performance monitoring services involve connecting a hardened, proprietary Availability and Security Monitoring (ASM) appliance to your network, which continuously monitors your computers and network devices for security and performance vulnerabilities, and is fully managed remotely by NetPersist.

The table below provides a brief overview of the various types of ASM appliances that have been developed for various types of businesses:

Functions (dynamically provisioned according to your needs):
Scans systems for active services and known software vulnerabilities   
Captures, analyzes, and profiles real-time and historical network traffic to identify worm, virus, spy-ware activity or misuse
Monitors end-to-end network performance to sites you specify
Monitors performance statistics (e.g., cpu, disk, memory, network utilization) on devices you specify, and generates e-mail alerts if a device becomes unavailable or a performance measurement exceeds a pre-defined threshold
Reports results on secure on-board web-server for easy viewing
1U rack-mountable chassis   
Hardened Linux-based kernel
Multiple traffic capture interfaces
Graphical real-time and historical reports, with easy-to-use Query Tools for generating custom reports
Rapid, easy deployment into virtually any headquarters or branch office environment
ASM-R Small, medium sized businesses, branch offices with Internet links up to 100 Mbps

ASM-E Medium, large businesses with 100-500Mbps Internet links
ASM-X Large enterprises with 500Mbps+ Internet links (connections over 1Gbps are supported)

Ruggedized/industrial versions of the ASM-R/ASM-E are also available, as well as 'collector' versions to capture traffic from remote Internet links and relay the data in real-time to a 'mothership' ASM designated for central analysis and reporting.
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