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Our Values
NetPersist Solutions Group practitioners are:
We conduct business with a high level of integrity - we deliver on our promises, stand behind our work, deal with clients in a respectful, professional, caring manner, and maintain strict client confidentiality.
We are honest - we sell a true bill of goods and do not pretend we are experts in something when we are not.
We are accountable - we clearly outline the responsibilities of ourselves and our clients at the beginning, and we take responsibility for our actions.
We are vendor agnostic - we do not engage in exclusive vendor reseller arrangements.
We keep up-to-date proactively on issues and technologies that are important to our clients.
We seek to understand the issues in-depth; we do not just scratch the surface.
We have an excellent track-record of successful one-time and ongoing cyber-security engagements.
We strive to be as hands-on as possible in what we do. We do not stop at design but are able to take it through implementation and testing.
We test new technologies in our lab ourselves before implementing them.
Focused on delivering tangible value:
Our service solutions are targeted at solving specific, relevant business problems.
We deliver quantifiable cost savings and cost-avoidance with our service solutions.
We seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients and partners.
We transfer our knowledge to our clients, to give them the ability to monitor and manage their solutions on an ongoing basis.
We are willing to partner with other best-of-breed product and service providers in our industry to complement their unique skills and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.
We are committed to making our client and partner relationships work.
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