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NetPersist Solutions Group Inc.
is a boutique cyber-security services company, specializing in identification and elimination of cyber-security vulnerabilities in business systems on a one-time or continuous basis since 2002.
About Us


Are any of your critical systems  vulnerable to being compromised if ransomware or other malware gets on your network?

Is anyone using your Internet connection for activities that are putting your company at risk from legal liability or a security breach?

Who are the biggest consumers of your Internet bandwidth?  What are they using it for: business or personal use? 

Are any of your critical applications or network links over-utilized or under-performing?  What is the cause?

If you need answers to any of these questions, we can help.

NetPersist specializes in providing cost-effective, management-friendly alternatives to traditional one-time security audits which become obsolete in weeks, or multiple standalone tools which rapidly turn into shelf-ware.

Find out how to 'operationalize' your organization's IT security processes, with a turn-key, proven process and toolset to proactively identify security and performance vulnerabilities before they can become incidents or outages, supported by ongoing reporting, design, and remediation advice from objective, independent specialists.

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